Extra-Large Inflatable Beach Ball for Summer Fun and Games


Get this extra-large beach ball for an extra fun summer
This giant beach ball is a fun summer decoration for your home, hotel, and resort business
You can use it like a volleyball, a pool floater, and you can play a lot of fun beach games with it
Material: PVC
Size Variants (Diameter):

80 cm
100 cm
150 cm
200 cm

Package Content:

1 x Giant Beach Ball (Deflated)

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Giant Beach Ball Inflatable Summer Ball
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Product Description: The Giant Beach Ball Inflatable Summer Ball

Maximize your seasonal fun with this Giant Beach Ball, a perfect addition to your summer essentials. Unlike conventional beach balls, this product boasts an enormous size and vibrant shades. Ideal for beach escapades or as an eye-catching summer decoration, this product promises an extra dose of enjoyment.

This giant beach ball has proven popular with resort owners, frequently used as a decorative feature in the summer. It invites engaging photo opportunities that guests love to share on social media, offering indirect marketing for your establishment. However, there’s no rule against bringing this joy to your home too. Summer only comes once a year, so why not make the best of it?

Fun To Play With

Think of the myriad fun activities this ball can introduce. Substitute your standard volleyball with it to elevate your game to a memorable event. It also offers an entertaining way to interact with your family and friends, especially when passed around. As an added bonus, it can double as a pool floater, spicing up your water activities. Kids, in particular, will find delight in this ball; it may even become their favorite slide. Note that it comes deflated, so it will require manual inflation to achieve its majestic size.


To prolong your beach ball’s lifespan, here are some tips. When inflating the ball, ensure not to overfill it and avoid using high-pressure gas. It is not advisable to keep it near open flames or sharp objects that could compromise it. Following these precautions would keep your giant inflatable ball in an optimum state for many seasons to come.