Fat Separator with Convenient Strainer – Optimal Gravy Filter Solution


This product filters fat from your gravies, soups, and sauces; It has a strainer on top for the larger chunks
It has a clear, large-capacity tank, an easy-grip handle, and an easy-press dispenser handle
It’s temperature-resistant and it’s suitable for both hot and cold food
Material: ABS Plastic / Capacity: 1000 ml
Size: 15 × 22 cm / 5.91 × 8.66 “
Package Content:

1 x Gravy Separator

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Gravy Separator Fat Filter with Strainer
Fat Separator with Convenient Strainer - Optimal Gravy Filter Solution $31.30

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Product Description:

Gravy Separator Fat Filter with Strainer

The Gravy Separator Fat Filter with Strainer is an essential tool for those looking to prioritize healthy eating habits. It operates by filtering out oil and fat from gravies, soups, and sauces, which are often the least healthy components of our meals. The strainer ensures that your gravies are not only delicious but also devoid of unhealthy fats.

Fat Filter

The function of this separator is to remove excess fat from gravies, sauces, or soups. Its user-friendly design and large capacity make it a versatile kitchen tool. Simply use the lever to dispense the filtered liquid from the bottom. Additionally, the strainer on top helps to catch larger pieces, like meat or clumped fat. The design ensures that any fat sticks to the inside, making it easy to serve only the fat-free, healthy portions of your sauces or gravies.

High-Quality Build

Constructed from high-quality, temperature-resistant materials, this product works equally well with hot or cold foods. It boasts a large capacity tank capable of holding up to 1000 ml of liquid. An easy-grip handle places the red release lever at your fingertips for ease of use. The transparent tank allows you to see the separation process, letting you watch the oil and grease build up on the sides, separate from the healthy juices.