Flexible 60W Solar Panel Kit – IP65 Water Resistant with Car Charger


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Flexible 60W Solar Panel Kit - IP65 Water Resistant with Car Charger $41.99

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This ⁢solar panel charge kit is designed for a variety of outdoor activities such as illuminating‌ spaces, camping, hiking and climbing. It is‍ equally useful for⁢ indoor⁢ applications.


The charge kit leverages solar energy, providing a user-friendly, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. There are no requirement for additional wires making it easy to use. It is built with polysilicon solar cells, ensuring durability and safety. The kit is ‌portable, designed to fit both‍ outdoor and indoor environments. It also ⁢includes a charger with an alligator clip compatible with various devices. An IP65 water resistance rating ensures‌ its​ functionality in unfavorable weather⁢ conditions. It⁤ is suitable for a wide range of applications from home to industrial and commercial uses.


The panel is made of PET material with‍ a 23% high ⁣conversion rate monocrystalline panel. The kit comes⁤ with one panel that produces 60W ​of power. The panel operates with a‍ no-load voltage of 20V DC and‍ a load voltage of 12V ‍DC. It⁢ comes with a​ DC, 18V output and a ⁣maximum output current of 3100 mA. The panel ‌measures at 420 * 270 * 25mm/ ⁢16.5 * ‍11‌ * 0.9 inches​ (L * W * H). The packaged product’s weight is 686g/24.2 ounces, and its dimensions are ​450 * 300 * ⁢35mm /17.7 * 11.8⁢ * 1.4 inches (L * W * H).


Please allow a 1-10mm‍ error margin due to ⁣manual measurement. If required, professional‌ installation is necessary. Avoid scratching the surface⁤ of the solar panel. For ⁣effective charging, place the panel upright under direct sunlight. Avoid using⁢ the kit for emergency charging during rainfall to prevent short circuits,⁣ even though the front of the solar⁢ panel is water-resistant. Keep the USB and ‌DC interfaces away from water.

Packaging ⁢List

The package includes:

  • 1 ⁣Panel
  • 1 DC alligator clip
  • 1 Car Charger
  • 4 Suctions