Floating Shoe Display Magnetic Levitation


Make a stand-out shoe display with this floating shoe display!
This display uses a magnet to create an illusion that the shoe is floating mid-air
It’s ideal for shoe collectors, shoe outlet stores, and even for individuals who love shoes!
Light:  Multiple Colors LED Lights/Product Size: 503x264x90mm/Weight Endurance: 500g
Levitation Height:13-20mm/AC Adaptor: DC Output 12V, 1000mA
Package Content:

1 x Shoe Display Base
1 x Power Plug
1 x Magnet Plate
1 x Shoe Magnet
1 x Remote control

Floating Shoe Display Magnetic Levitation
Floating Shoe Display Magnetic Levitation $129.00

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Floating Shoe Display Magnetic Levitation
A floating shoe display is out of this world amazing! It’s the best way to showcase your collector’s item line of famous shoes! Expensive and rare shoes are not meant to be hidden inside a shoebox. They are meant to be displayed in a state-of-the-art display like this one. This shoe display uses a magnet to give viewers an illusion that the shoe is floating in mid-air. The shoe stand itself has bright lights that add to the overall phenomenal look of the shoe display. And what makes it even cooler is that the shoe rotates while it floats! This levitating shoe display is perfect for showcasing your shoe collection in a collector’s expo. Even outlet stores can take advantage of this display during their product launch! Or, you can just use it for yourself and display your favorite shoe inside your room, because, why not?
Shoe Store Use
Shoe store owners need this floating shoe display. There is no better way to make a specific line of shoes stand out better than this one. The shoe rotates while floating on mid-air, what could ever be more attractive than that. Since it is rotating, you give the viewers a 360-degree view of the shoe. Even passers-by would love to check-out your new display! The stand of the display is like a mini studio It has bright lights that complete your overall shoe display! It can levitate shoes from 13-22mm mid-air. Please take note this display can carry 500 grams of weight maximum.
How to Use
Each package comes with the display base, the shoe magnet installer, the magnet plate, and the power plug. Place the shoe magnet installer inside the shoe, while the magnet plate goes on top of the display. Make sure your display table is near a power outlet because you still need to plug the power cord to the outlet.