Foldable Camping Floor Mat – Lightweight & Portable for Outdoor Adventure


This camping floor mat is easy to fold and unfold to give you convenience in using it
It a waterproof and lightweight mat to give you comfort in sitting or lying on it
Perfect to use in camping, fishing, picnic, or in any outdoor activities

Style 1: XPE
Style 2: IXPE and aluminum foil


Style 1: 187 x 57 x 1cm (unfolded) / 57 x 16 x 13cm (folded) / Weight: 350g
Style 2: 182 x 55 x 1.6cm; 71.65 x 21.65 x 0.63in (unfolded)/ 55 x 13 x 14.5cm; 21.65 x 5.12 x 5.71in (folded) / Weight: 470g

Package content:

1 x Camping Floor Mat Foldable Mat

Camping Floor Mat Foldable Mat
Foldable Camping Floor Mat - Lightweight & Portable for Outdoor Adventure $36.99$43.99

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Product Description:

Introducing our Camping Floor Mat – a foldable⁢ mat designed to enhance ⁤your outdoor experience. Ideal for family ‌outings, nature-loving individuals,‌ camping, fishing, hiking, or picnic activities,‌ this mat is a must-have ⁣outdoor accessory.⁤ Taking part in⁣ outdoor activities⁣ can not only alleviate stress⁢ but also provide refreshing fresh air and sunshine. ⁤

The camping floor mat is Durable and Comfortable. Constructed from robust XPE material, the‌ mat showcases excellent durability. In addition,⁢ certain styles feature ⁤an aluminum foil on one​ side. With appropriate care, this mat is designed with longevity in mind. It is waterproof and odorless, ensuring a carefree outdoor experience. Whether‌ you’re seated or lying down⁢ inside‌ or outside your tent, this⁢ mat provides both comfort and protection, so you ⁣can ​soak up the ​beauty of nature.

This mat‍ is Portable and Convenient. Designed with user convenience ​at​ heart,​ the product is easy‌ to fold and unfold. Simply⁢ fold it alternately along the creases and secure the elastic bands ‍at each end. The dual-colored sides allow easy identification of the⁤ side facing the ground.⁢ The mat’s thickness offers ‍sufficient ⁤protection against the rough stones and‌ soil on ⁤the ⁣ground. Plus, a​ variety of‌ colors are available⁢ to choose from, allowing you to match the mat with your ‌tent or other camping ⁤gear for a well-coordinated look.