Waterproof, Sand-Free Beach Blanket Mat for Outdoor Use


Bring this sand-free beach mat the next time you go to the beach and lie down comfortably on this
This beach blanket is sand-proof and waterproof which is perfect to use when you’re at the beach
A multi-purpose mat that works great as a tent tarp or sunshade, it also has 4 pegs to hold it down
Material: Polyester & TPU coating
Weight: Approx. 220g or 7oz
Size Variants:

M: 1.4 x 2m
L: 2 x 2.1m

Package Contents:

1 x Sand-Free Beach Blanket Waterproof Mat
4 x Pegs
1 x Storage Sack

Sand-Free Beach Blanket Waterproof Mat
Waterproof, Sand-Free Beach Blanket Mat for Outdoor Use $34.15$37.11

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Product Description: Sand-Free Beach Blanket Waterproof Mat

Ideal for trips to the‍ beach in ⁣the summertime, whether alone, with friends or family, this Sand-Free Beach Blanket Waterproof Mat offers a more enjoyable beach experience. The main point of concern when on a beach trip tends⁤ to be the⁢ constant battle⁢ with ‌sand sticking to your⁢ beach blanket‍ or mat. However, this sand-free beach blanket eliminates that problem so you can relax comfortably without any ⁤sand disruptions.

Key Features: Waterproof and Sandproof

Many traditional beach blankets or mats can’t fully shield you from sand due to‍ their inherent material properties. The nature of these materials makes it possible for ⁤sand to seep through over time, resulting in an uncomfortable beach experience. However, this beach blanket ‌is designed specifically to prevent any sand penetration, thereby⁢ providing a cleaner, sand-free surface for your beach lounging.

Moreover, this beach mat incorporates waterproof capabilities as well, ensuring that ⁣even after ‌direct contact with ⁣water, it remains dry. ‌This feature allows for continual ‌relaxation on a dry mat while basking in the summer sun on the beach.