Foldable Laptop Tray with Cooling Fans for Bed


This Laptop Tray for Bed can be tilted at an angle to prevent wrist pain when typing
It is foldable and easy to install for the user’s convenience when storing it
A USB cooling fan is available to keep the fan cool and it can be plugged into the laptop
Material: Bamboo /  Cooling Fan Power Source: USB
Width (Adjustable): 57 to 63 cm
Length (Adjustable): 20 t0 27 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Laptop Tray for Bed

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Laptop Tray for Bed Foldable Table with Cooling Fans
Foldable Laptop Tray with Cooling Fans for Bed $88.90

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Laptop Tray for Bed Foldable Table

Enjoy the convenience of working or studying from your bed with this Laptop Tray for Bed Foldable Table. Catering to those comfortable and productive days, this tray provides the perfect platform for your laptop without affecting your comfort. Uniquely designed for laptops, this mini table can be tilted at an angle for easy typing while minimizing wrist discomfort.

Cooling Fan-Enabled

One of the key features that makes this tray ideal for laptops is its in-built cooling fan. Preventing your laptop from overheating, the cooling fan ensures the device’s longevity and keeps it functioning efficiently. Powered by a USB source, the fan is easy to run. Simply plug it into a power bank or your laptop. By cooling the laptop base, the fan prevents internal malfunctioning.

Handy and Foldable Mini Table

The standout feature of this laptop tray is its foldable quality. It can be compressed into a compact size for convenient storage. Simply stow it under your bed when not in use, and it’s ready for action whenever you need it. This table is also user-friendly and easy to install. Unfold it, and it takes its full shape, locking into place to support your laptop’s weight efficiently. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly wood, it’s a worthy addition to any workspace.