French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup


This French Fry Holder has a smooth and sleek design that is comfortable to hold
It has a compartment that separates the sauce to keep the fries fresh and crispy
The sauce container is removable from the cup itself for convenience when cleaning
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 16.5 x 9.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x French Fry Holder

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French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup
French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup $14.61

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French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup
Serve hot fries the best way possible in this French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup! It is suitable for home use, restaurants, cafes, hotels and more! French fries are one of the staple foods both during special and casual occasions. They are great finger foods because they are not only delicious but very convenient to eat as well. When eating fries, what you should never forget is its sauce. Whether it is ketchup or mayo, it is what completes the fries. Because of this, people would have to use two containers to serve the fries as well as the dip. But from now on, you can serve both of them in this french fry holder.
Two in One
Some people simply use a bowl or plate to serve the fries in. But this one is unique because it has an attractive shape and it is a two-in-one cup. There is a compartment where you can place the french fries. Also, there is a separate compartment where you can place the sauce. It is very convenient because you can dip your fries into the sauce without the hassle anymore. It is perfect for watching movies since it allows for single-hand use. Another advantage of it is that it prevents the fries from getting soggy by separating the sauce to not allow the fries to soak in it.
Easy to Clean
This cup has a sleek shape and a smooth surface which makes it comfortable to hold. Its base is flat so it can stand sturdily. The good thing is that the compartment for the sauce is removable so you can clean the cup conveniently. That way, you can reach the bottom of the french fry holder without the hassle and clean the sauce container thoroughly as well. This cup is of high-quality and non-toxic material that is definitely food-safe. You can also use it for other types of food such as chips, for example.