Handheld Lithium Battery Welder Control Set for Spot Welding Machine


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6V 12V 24V Lithium Li-ion Battery Welder Control Handheld DIY Control Board Set Spot Welding Machine Tool Main Circuit Board 6 MOS Tubes
Handheld Lithium Battery Welder Control Set for Spot Welding Machine $23.99

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Unleash the Power of Our Remarkable Board

Meet our advanced board that is sensational in all the right ways. This devices hosts six MOS tubes with an incredibly low internal resistance of a single 300A. This design ensures optimal circuit stability, allowing you a worry-free experience.

Our voltage stabilizing circuit is another worthy mention that keeps the MOS drive voltage independent of the battery. Enjoy the freedom of a more reliable and stable board that supports a wide voltage range of 6-24V.

We took a step forward and refined the circuit layout to reduce the internal resistance. As a result, the heat generated is much less, and soldering becomes a cakewalk.

Worrying about installation? We’ve got you covered. The board includes an external interface for LED and button, making its installation in the box a simple task.

Moreover, the optimised program of the board ensures a smoother and freer operation, increasing its usability.

(Note: It is best to utilize a voltage within 6-18V as higher voltage can cause larger sparks making welding difficult.)
Working current:90-200A
(Note: The ideal working current is around 150A. If the current is too small, welding will not be possible.)


  1. 36-60AH car starting battery 
  2. 2-3 parallel 20AH motorcycle batteries
  3. 2S-5S 4000mah Lithium-ion batteries with a discharge above 30C

Package Contents 
1 x Main Circuit Board 
1 x Buzzer 
2 X Input Wire 
2 X Output Line with Welder Pen 
(Please note that users need to provide their own 12V battery power supply with a welding current of about 100A-200A for easy welding of 0.1mm-0.15mm nickel plating sheets. Make sure that your battery can offer more than 100A current; otherwise, soldering will not be possible.)

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