Hands-Free Adjustable Dog Walking Belt with Detachable Leash


Jogging with your dog is a lot easier with this dog walking belt
Shock-absorption elastic strap
It’s a secure dog leash that connects to a belt; The best is adjustable and suitable for both men and women
Rest your hands and prevent strain and injury on your arms by using this dog leash belt (vs. using a leash that you hold with your hands)
Belt Width: 2.5 cm / Adjustable Length: 70 – 120 cm
Leash (Unstretched): 160 cm / Leash (Max. Stretched): 260 cm
Material: Nylon Yard with Metal D-Ring / Unisex
Package Content:

1 x Dog Leash Belt

Dog Walking Belt Dog Leash
Hands-Free Adjustable Dog Walking Belt with Detachable Leash $29.62

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Product: Dog Walking Belt Dog Leash

Step up your usual dog-walking routine with this Dog Walking Belt Dog Leash. Designed specifically for dog owners who enjoy jogging with their furry companions, this belt makes it easier for you to keep your pet close without having to physically hold onto a leash. Due to its unique design, the leash connects to a belt that you comfortably wear around your waist. Therefore, freeing your hands while securing your pet.

This Dog Walking Belt not only offers convenience but also presents an opportunity for you to get fit with your dog. Jogging with your pet ensures your safety and offers continuous motivation throughout your workout. Additionally, it provides your dog with essential exercise.

Convenience is key with this Dog Walking Belt Dog Leash. The struggle of maintaining a firm grip on a traditional leash can be physically demanding over time. With this belt, you only need to secure it around your waist – no handholding necessary. Notably, the leash bungees and is stretchable. Furthermore, it comes with a shock absorption feature aimed at preventing muscle strain and injury for both pet owners and their dogs.

The security aspect is also covered with this leash. It provides a solution for situations where holding a leash might not be sufficient, especially when dealing with larger or more aggressive dogs. With the leash securely fastened to your waist, there’s no risk of accidental release. This belt is crafted from sturdy, durable material and comes with secure locks to ensure safety.