High-Quality Bicycle Saddle Bag: Compact & Secure Bike Seat Pouch


This seat bag is perfect to keep your phone, con purse, keys, and IDs
It is easy to install and remove to give you convenience
Durable and waterproof to protect your things inside
Material: high-quality fabric and poly
Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 8cm
Package content:

1 x  Bike Seat Bag Saddle Pouch

Bike Seat Bag Saddle Pouch
High-Quality Bicycle Saddle Bag: Compact & Secure Bike Seat Pouch $23.68

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Bike Seat Bag Saddle Pouch

This Bike​ Seat Bag Saddle Pouch ⁢is a practical accessory for ‌your bicycle rides. Whether you’re riding for leisure or commuting to work or school,‌ this bag comes​ handy to keep your essentials like your phone, keys, ID, and small change safe and secure. Cycling​ offers several benefits including ⁣cost-effectiveness and the freedom to explore paths inaccessible by car, making this saddle pouch an invaluable addition⁢ to your cycling⁣ gear.

Perfect Size and Style

This pouch offers⁢ an optimal size, neither too small nor too big, maintaining the right⁤ balance between functionality and compactness. It fits comfortably below your saddle without encumbering your ride. Outfitted with one main ⁣compartment and ⁣a zippered closure, this saddle bag​ ensures your items are safely contained.‌ The zipper ​is ‍designed​ with a rope end for⁣ easy manipulation. With this⁤ bag, you no longer ‌need to⁣ wear a‍ waist bag; instead, you can stow ⁢your important items in this bicycle pouch.

Effortless Installation and Secure Attachments

Offering maximum convenience,‌ this saddle pouch can be ‌quickly attached to or detached from your seat. ​It features a ⁢strap with a buckle, alongside a Velcro strip for secure fastening, preventing accidental ⁤dislodgement during your ⁤ride. There’s‍ also a dedicated ‍slot ‍for‌ inserting a ‍rear safety ‌light. Available in ⁣four different colors, you can choose ⁣one that corresponds with your bicycle’s ⁤color​ scheme.