Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container (10 pcs)


These bags are disposable ice trays that can hold 24 ice cubes per bag
They are easy to fill and they automatically lock once full; Plus, the bags are leakproof!
Make ice cubes for your outdoor trip and easily dispose of the tray once it’s empty
Material: Plastic
Size: 30 x 19 cm / Weight: 0.04 kg
Package Content:

10 x Ice Cube Bags (can hold 24 ice cubes per bag)

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Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container (10 pcs)
Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container (10 pcs) $14.08

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Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container 10 pcs
Ice cubes are an important commodity in the kitchen. There are a lot of uses for ice cubes, mostly for your cold drinks. Moreover, drinking alcoholic beverages is never complete without ice cubes. That is why you always need to have a few trays in your freezer. But, how about when you are planning to go outdoors? Perhaps, to the beach or picnic maybe? Then, ice cube bags should be convenient for you. These ice cube bags are disposable ice trays. It’s a bag that has “cube” compartments where you can load water or any liquid on. This bag is perfect for making ice cubes. And, they are best to use for an outdoor trip, because surely, you’ll be needing ice cubes. Aside from ice, you can also use these bags to make cube popsicles or perhaps, coffee cubes!
These ice cube bags are very easy to use, and, one bag can hold 24 cubes at a time! To use it, simply fill the top with clean, potable water (or drink that you prefer). As you pour the liquid, it will slowly fill the cubes on the bottom row. And, when the bottom rows are full, the other rows will be filled as well. Once full, the bags will automatically lock on their own. You can pile them in a freezer or you can stack them beside each other. These bags are leakproof and airtight. In fact, these bags are more hygienic because there’s no chance that dirt will contaminate the cubes inside the bags.
To Go
Anyone up for ice cubes to go? Easily grab a pack of ice cubes or a few more for the road! They are easy to carry and guaranteed no spilling! After unloading the cubes, you can just dispose of them too! What an easy, practical, and convenient product!