Identity Protection Roller Security Stamp


Block-out confidential information from bank statements, utility bills, or any important document that you throw down the trash by using this identity protection roller
It’s a handy and refillable roller stamp perfect for personal use
It’s just the right size to block personal information from documents before you throw them to the trash
Size Variants:

Big: 75 x 47 x 38 mm / Stamp Width: 26 mm
Small: 58 x 25 x 25 mm / Stamp Width: 15 mm

Package Content Variants:

1 x Small Security Stamp
1 x Refill for Small Security Stamp
1 x Big Security Stamp
1 x Refill for Big Security Stamp

Identity Protection Roller Security Stamp
Identity Protection Roller Security Stamp $25.22$26.95

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Identity Protection Roller Security Stamp
There’s a good reason why the shredding machine is a staple office equipment. You don’t just throw a piece of a document down the trash especially when it contains very confidential information. You see, information or data is the most expensive “thing” that a thief can steal from you. Once your information or identity is compromised, you are not just risking your money, but also your credibility and information. Offices are not just the ones that are at risk. Even you are at risk. With every piece of the billing statement or filled-up personal data form that you throw down the trash, you put yourself in danger of identity theft. That’s why before you throw any document that has your information, always block the data out with this identity protection roller. It’s a pocket-size stamp that you use to block confidential information from a piece of document.
Tearing the document in pieces is not enough. There’s a chance that “dumpsite divers” can still put the pieces together to compromise your identity. The best thing to do is to use this security stamp. Once you block out the information from the document it is no longer readable. You don’t even have to tear it into pieces anymore! Your identity is safe when you make sure no piece of your information leaks to people with bad intentions. Moreover, this stamp is pocket-size and very handy. You can even open the cartridge and change the refill once it is consumed. It’s practical, it’s handy, and most importantly, it conceals important information!
You don’t need to use a paper shredder when you just need to erase a small part of a document. Information like your name, address, ID number, bank account number, balance, and etc. These items are concealable with a small stamp roller. It’s practical to use and handy too!