Kernel Removing Tool – Premium Corn Cutter


A practical manual corn peeler that easily removes all the kernel from the cub in just one scraping
It has a kernel container so you can easily pour the contents into a ready bowl or cup afterward
The blade is covered by a plastic guard to prevent you from slicing your hand
Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Diameter: 7cm / Height: 5 cm
Package Content:

1 x Corn Cutter

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Corn Cutter Kernel Remover Tool
Kernel Removing Tool - Premium Corn Cutter $15.84

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Product Description:

Introducing the Corn Cutter Kernel Remover Tool, a simple yet effective solution to remove kernels from the cob.

Corn, a versatile grain, forms the base of many dishes and snacks including tortilla chips and popcorn. But oftentimes, corn is savored fresh from the cob, lightly augmented with butter and salt, or removed from the cob for a plethora of culinary applications. This is where our corn cutter comes to the rescue.

This tool functions as a corn kernel peeler, designed to simplify the kernel removal process. It operates manually, requiring no mechanical assistance or battery power. With a design reminiscent of a round knife, the cutter efficiently scrapes around the corn cob, removing all kernels in one full swoop.

Using this tool brings a sense of systemization to the kernel removal task, markedly enhancing ease and efficiency in comparison to traditional methods like usage of an ordinary knife. The unique round and sharp construct of the tool facilitates full kernel extraction with a single scraping movement.

To further optimize the kernel recovery process, the Corn Cutter Kernel Remover Tool also features an integrated kernel storage container, thereby minimizing mess by preventing kernals from falling and scattering inconsistencies. For usage, simply affix the tool to the top of the cob and begin scraping down towards the bottom. Upon completion, transfer the accumulated kernels into a separate container before commencing with the next cob.

In terms of safety, a plastic casing around the tool’s blade ensures a risk-free operation, eliminating the prospect of accidental cuts and injuries whilst peeling the corn.

In conclusion, the Corn Cutter Kernel Remover Tool brings efficiency, process, and safety to the kernel removal experience.