Kitchen Manual Juicer Machine – Easy-to-Use Citrus Press Extractor


This manual juicer machine allows you to turn your favorite fruits into delicious juice easily
Has an easy-to-use mechanism and is power-saving, it also has a pulp container that collects the juice
You can easily clean this thoroughly for the next use by detaching the parts, this makes it space-saving
Material: Plastic
Capacity: <500ml / Pulp Container Volume: 0.5L-1L
Size: 23 x 45 x 39cm / Rating (Rpm): <12000Rpm
Package Contents:

1 x Manual Juicer Machine Kitchen Juicer
1 x Pulp Container

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Manual Juicer Machine Kitchen Juicer
Kitchen Manual Juicer Machine - Easy-to-Use Citrus Press Extractor $39.54

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Product Description

Our Manual Juicer Machine is the perfect addition for your kitchen. Turn favourite fruits into tasty and healthful juice with ease! This Juicer is an excellent way to ensure kids eat their daily fruits quota, providing a delicious alternative. It’s ideal for making orange juice for breakfast or apple juice for a snack.

Operating Instructions

Operating the Manual Juicer is so simple that anyone can do it. Start by adding peeled fruits into the juicer’s opening. Use the included juicer presser to push the fruit further into the juicer. Then, rotate the hand crank to extract the fruit’s natural juices efficiently. The juice will collect at the juicer’s end, ready for drinking!

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning is just as effortless as using the juicer. Once you’re finished juicing, you can disassemble the juicer into its component parts. Clean each part thoroughly with water and soap, ensuring a hygienic juicer ready for the next use.

Capture the essence of fresh fruits with our Manual Juicer Machine, contributing to a healthy lifestyle for your entire family.