Kitten Milk Feeding Bottle for Pet Care and Nourishment


This feeding bottle is suitable for newborn puppies and kittens
It has a narrow and long nipple just like their mother’s so it’s easy to transition them to this feeding bottle
It has level marks at the back for easy measurement
Material: Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bottle + Rubber Nipple
Size: 14 cm / Capacity: 150ml
Package Content:

1 x Milk Bottle
1 x Spare Nipple
1 x Brush
1 x Needle

Kitten Bottle Milk Feeding Bottle
Kitten Milk Feeding Bottle for Pet Care and Nourishment $13.90

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Kitten and Puppy Bottle Milk Feeding Bottle

This milk feeding bottle is primarily designed for kittens and puppies, particularly for those moments when the mother is unable or unwilling to breastfeed her young or the litter is simply too large for each animal to feed effectively. Created with a slim, lengthy nipple, this bottle provides an appropriate feeding mechanism for small newborn animals.

It is important to remember that an optimal substitute for the milk ordinarily provided by the mother is goat’s milk. Cow’s milk has been known to result in indigestion in these young animals, so it’s best to avoid it.

Included with every order is a feeding bottle set, an additional nipple, and a brush and needle for convenient cleaning. This bottle is an excellent fit for both kittens and puppies.

Alternate Feeding

For adequate nourishment, kittens and puppies can be bottle-fed. As mentioned, goat’s milk acts as a more than suitable replacement for their mother’s milk. The built-in nipple is slim and long, imitating the natural shape of their mother’s teat. Additionally, the nipple has a minute hole that aids in controlling the milk flow, preventing the animals from choking on their meal.

A measurement guide is displayed on the back of the bottle, allowing an accurate measure of how much milk to dispense into the bottle.

Cleaning Precautions

Like conventional baby feeding bottles, it’s essential to maintain a regular cleaning schedule for the pet feeding bottle. Milk remnants may stick to the bottle or the nipple, which can be easily removed with the cleaning brush. For corners not easily reachable, make use of the needle to thoroughly clean any milk residues.