Kneadable Art Eraser for Pencil Sketching & Drawing


This Kneadable Eraser is perfect for making charcoal and graphite sketches
It effectively erases pigment and it is much easier to control than rubber erasers
It is kneadable which is convenient for erasing thin lines and curves
Material: Rubber / Weight: 30g
Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Kneadable Eraser

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Kneadable Eraser Pencil Sketching Tool
Kneadable Art Eraser for Pencil Sketching & Drawing $8.85

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Product Description: Kneadable Eraser Pencil Sketching Tool

Enhance your pencil sketching with our versatile Kneadable Eraser Pencil Sketching Tool. This specially designed eraser tool is suitable for use with graphite, charcoal, and many other pencil types, making it an ideal tool for artists who prefer sketching as their go-to art form.

Sketching, one of the popular art mediums, is a critical component in achieving hyperrealism in art, offering different effects compared to regular lead pencils. However, these varied pencil types cannot be easily erased using standard rubber erasers, hence the need for a kneadable eraser.

The Kneadable Eraser Pencil Sketching Tool is incredibly effective at erasing. When graphite or charcoal sketches are erased using regular rubber, the result is often smudged strokes, potentially compromising the quality of the piece. This kneadable eraser gently picks up pigment from your graphite or charcoal sketches, allowing you to control the intensity of the erasing action, either fully erasing or lightening specific areas.

The stand-out feature of this eraser is its kneadable characteristic, which allows you to mold it into various shapes for precise, careful erasure. To use, simply knead the eraser into a shape that can reach slim spaces. Its consistency is like that of clay, which makes reshaping it a breeze. Additionally, its practicality is evident in its efficiency— only a small amount of the eraser is needed at a time. Enjoy smoother, cleaner, and more accurate sketches with the Kneadable Eraser Pencil Sketching Tool!