Pedicure Foot Scrubber with Natural Stone – Foot Care Tool


With this foot scrubber stone, you can effectively get rid of dead skin on your feet and make them softer
This stone has a rough surface texture yet can gently and effectively scrub off dead skin
It has a string attached so you can hang and keep this stone scrubber, it is easy to clean as well
Material: Pumice Stone
Size: 9 x 4.5 x 1.5cm
Package Content:

1 x Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool

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Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool
Pedicure Foot Scrubber with Natural Stone - Foot Care Tool $9.95

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Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool

Frequent walking‌ and wearing footwear can lead to‍ the formation of rough ⁣and dry skin on the feet. This is often coupled with the accumulation of ⁢dead skin cells, especially on the soles, ⁤giving a rough texture to the ⁤feet. Normal water and soap might not suffice in removing these hard cells and restoring the softness of ⁢the feet. Our⁤ Foot Scrubber⁣ Stone Pedicure tool can be ‌the ideal​ solution for this,⁢ as it’s designed to gently but effectively peel off the dead skin cells and render your feet soft and beautiful again.

Effective Scrubber

Though it may seem like an ordinary ⁤stone at first, this product serves as an excellent scrubber. Apart from dealing with tough skin on your feet, you ‌can also‌ use it to scrub off dead skin from‌ other rough areas of your body. ​The stone ‌has a naturally coarse texture that effectively helps ⁢in eliminating dead skin. Despite its rough​ appearance,⁣ it ​is gentle ⁢on​ your skin when used ⁤with care. Regular use of this stone can leave your skin feeling ‌smoother and softer like‌ never before.

Attached String

The ‍scrubber comes with a⁣ string attached to it, which allows you to conveniently hang it in your bathroom. This is particularly helpful in storing and cleaning the stone.​ The stone’s composition makes it easy to wash and keep⁢ clean. Therefore, you can maintain your foot scrubber in⁢ perfect condition for​ an extended period,​ without any fuss.