Knee-Length Transparent Raincoat – Clear Waterproof Protection


Protect your clothes from the heavy rain while still keeping your style with this transparent raincoat
It has two side pockets, front buttons, and a buckle belt
It’s stylish and transparent so your outfit can still be seen under the raincoat
Length: About 110 cm / Bust: About 116 cm / Sleeve: About 60 cm
Weight: About 445g / Material: EVA
Package Content:

1 x Transparent Raincoat

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Transparent Raincoat Knee-Length
Knee-Length Transparent Raincoat - Clear Waterproof Protection $28.90

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Transparent Knee-Length Raincoat

This transparent knee-length raincoat is a practical and stylish solution for ​heavy showers. Unlike traditional raincoats that are opaque and hide your clothing, this raincoat is made from durable, thick EVA material, ​which remains transparent despite its strength.

Keeping dry during heavy ​rain ‍can be a challenge. Though an umbrella may offer⁤ some protection, heavy wind ‌and‌ driving rain can still leave‍ your clothes soaked. This knee-length raincoat offers full protection, keeping‍ you dry without covering your outfit completely. Whether you’re expecting a thunderstorm or ‌simply a⁣ light⁣ drizzle, this raincoat is⁤ a superior choice to umbrellas.

Additionally, ⁤this raincoat features two side pockets and a waist belt with a buckle. The pockets provide the perfect‌ place to keep your ⁤essentials⁤ like keys, loose bills, and your mobile phone within‍ easy reach, removing the need to⁤ dig through your ⁢bag in the ⁢rain. Meanwhile, ⁤the waist belt‌ ensures a snug ⁣fit, preventing the raincoat from looking oversized or baggy.

In terms of style, this raincoat revolutionizes the conventional image ⁣of raincoats. Its transparent properties allow your outfit to shine⁢ through, blending functionality with fashion. The front of the raincoat also has buttons for ‌a touch‌ of sophistication.

Please navigate‌ to the ‍variants section to view the available variants. You can choose between a ‍raincoat with a hood and one⁢ without, based on⁢ your preference and ‌requirements.

With this raincoat, you no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort ⁣or functionality during rainy days. It ⁢combines all these aspects seamlessly, making it a must-have addition to ⁣your wardrobe. Keep this raincoat handy for those unexpected showers, and stay dry without compromising your style.