Lambswool Duster Cleaning Tool


This Lambswool Duster is suitable for cleaning furniture, appliances and more
It is soft and flexible so it can effectively clean the surfaces and prevent dust
It has a comfortable-to-grip handle and a hoop that can be used to hang it
Material: Faux Fur
Length: 48 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Lambswool Duster

100 in stock

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Lambswool Duster Cleaning Tool
Keep your home clean with this Lambswool Duster Cleaning Tool! It is convenient to use and suitable for cleaning many surfaces at home! You may wonder why even the insides of your home have dust when you always keep it close. The reason is that every time the wind blows, it brings dust and other debris along with it. The same is true when taking footwear from the outside and into your home. Over time, the dust will accumulate and get on your furniture and decorations. This can eventually damage them especially if the dust gets inside the motors of your appliances. What you can do to prevent that from happening is to use a duster to remove the dust from it. You should do this at least once a week to maintain a clean home.
Faux Fur
The good thing about this cleaning tool is that it is of faux fur material. It is soft and flexible at the same time so it can get into the cracks and crevices of objects effectively. This cleaning tool is also great for cleaning your car. As you sweep it on a dusty surface, most of the dust will cling to it and this will prevent the dust from spreading all over the place. Also, you can easily clean it especially since it is of faux material. Thanks to its flexibility, it is suitable for cleaning blinds and windows too since it can go through the tight spaces easily.
Wooden Handle
Another good thing about it is that it has a wooden handle which is comfortable to hold. This way, it won’t slip off from your hands easily even as you sweat. Also, the advantage of a wooden handle is that it doesn’t rust easily the way metals do. It is durable but lightweight at the same time to prevent fatigue in the muscles as you clean for hours. The main difference between a lambswool duster and feather duster is that the fur on a lambswool is much finer. Also, its fur doesn’t come off easily unlike feathers that can be plucked off from the base.

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