Laundry Mesh Bag – Durable Wash Saver for Delicate Clothing


This Mesh Wash Bag is suitable for washing small garments such as socks
Made of thin mesh material that dries quickly and can fit multiple garments inside
It has a zipper closure for convenience and it is washable as well
Material: Polyester
Size Variants:

23 x 32 cm
13 x 17 cm
40 x 30 cm
50 x 40 cm
60 x 50 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Mesh Wash Bag

Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver
Laundry Mesh Bag - Durable Wash Saver for Delicate Clothing $7.97$9.41

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Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver

Enhance the lifespan of your apparel with our Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver. This tool is optimal for all variety of garments and designed for convenience. The washing machine, while efficient, can be harsh on certain fabrics. The cyclical motion can cause stretching, which in many cases, is non-reversible. A mesh wash bag can offer a solution to this problem.

Ease of Use

The primary function of this wash bag is to shield your clothes from the washing machine’s agitator. Every set contains one mesh wash bag. Depending on the size of the items you wish to clean, you can select from various size options. An additional feature of this bag helps prevent misplacement of smaller items. It’s not uncommon for items like socks or underwear to get caught in the washing machine. It could also be quite frustrating searching for a pair while sorting through a mound of laundry. The mesh bag ensures all items remain in one location.

Mesh Material

The main advantage of these bags is the mesh fabric. Mesh characteristically has large, water-permeable holes allowing easy passage of water. Moreover, it is a lightweight fabric, enabling it to dry quickly post usage. The bag comes with an easily operable zipper closure, ensuring easy access to the bag’s contents. Transparency of the bags permits visibility of its contents without having to open each bag individually.