LED Fan Handy Message Flashing Cooler


Use this LED fan to cool you down, this also has LED lights that form words and patterns that you’ll like
A portable size so you can take this with you anywhere, it also has various light patterns to choose from
This fan does not make loud noises when you turn this on, it is lightweight as well and a great gift idea
Powered by: 3 x AAA batteries
Size: 10.8 x 6.0 x 3.5cm or 4.25 x 2.34 x 1.38
Package Content:

1 x LED Fan Handy Message Flashing Cooler

LED Fan Handy Message Flashing Cooler
LED Fan Handy Message Flashing Cooler $23.63$23.64

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LED Fan Handy Message Flashing Cooler
Express your love in the most unique possible way ever with this LED fan. On a hot day, having a portable fan like this with you will definitely pay off. Nobody wants to feel hot because it can be very uncomfortable and uneasy for us. More so, using a manual fan only makes us feel hotter because we have to move it around in order to make air. That is why handheld electric fans are very convenient in times like these. Now, if you are looking for an effective and unique mini fan, then we have something that you will like. This LED fan has a unique and romantic design that you will find helpful. Consequently, you can confess your feelings for someone you like through this fan. More so, this is also a perfect gift idea to give for someone you are interested in.
Romantic Design
Unlike other mini fans that simply produce air and keep you cool, this one, on the other hand, lights up at the same time. Not only does it give off just any light, but it actually says the phrase ‘I love you’ in. The fan blades of this product have LED lights that are strategically placed. This way, when you turn it on and as the blades spin fast, it forms the phrase ‘I love you’ in a steady manner. This makes this fan romantic and fun. Not only that, but it also has different light patterns with different phrases and images that you will like.
Aside from its fun LED light function, this fan is convenient as well. This is because of its portable and handheld design which allows you to take this anywhere with you all the time. It is also lightweight and does not makes loud sounds while it is on.