Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver


This Mesh Wash Bag is suitable for washing small garments such as socks
Made of thin mesh material that dries quickly and can fit multiple garments inside
It has a zipper closure for convenience and it is washable as well
Material: Polyester
Size Variants:

23 x 32 cm
13 x 17 cm
40 x 30 cm
50 x 40 cm
60 x 50 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Mesh Wash Bag

Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver
Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver $7.97$9.41

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Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver
Preserve the quality of your clothes with this Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver! It is convenient to use and suitable for all types of garments! Many people use the washing machine for laundry because of how convenient it is. The only problem with it is that it can sometimes be too intense that it ruins the fabrics. Because of the constant turning motion, the fabrics can become too stretchy and these effects are irreversible. What you can do to prevent that is to use a mesh wash bag instead.
Convenient to Use
The main purpose of a wash bag is that it protects the clothes from direct contact with the washing machine’s turbine. Each set comes with one piece of the mesh wash bag. Depending on how big the garments you want to put inside are, you can choose from the different size variations. Another advantage of the thig bag is that it prevents you from losing smaller garments. Things like your socks or underwear can get stuck in the washing machine. Also, it can be such a hassle to pair them up after washing them because you have to find them in a pile of clothes. Don’t worry because these mesh bags make sure that you can find them all in one place.
Mesh Material
The best part is that these bags are mesh. The good thing about mesh is that it has large holes where water can pass through in and out easily. Also, it is a thin fabric that dries quickly after you use it. It has a zipper closure that is convenient to open and close. That way, you can easily access the insides of the mesh bag. They are transparent too so you can see its contents even from the outside. This makes it easy for you to select the garments right away without having to open each bag anymore.