Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear


Ventilated vest that provides chest and back protection to its wearer
Can fit on your upper body well and available in various colors
Has adjustable straps, strong buckles, and give abrasion or impact protection
Material: 50% Polypropylene, 25% Polyethylene, 17% Polyester, 8% Other
Weight: 0.7kg
Size: 50 x 40cm
Package Includes:

1 x Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear

Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear
Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear $63.98

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Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear
Wear this Armor Vest as you ride your Motorcycle! This is a durable protective gear that can protect your body against abrasions and impact. At the same time, it can protect your chest and back efficiently especially if you love riding a motorbike. We never know what happens in the road so it is better to prepare yourself by wearing protective gears including this vest. Moreover, it is available in different colors so you can choose your favorite. But always remember to match the color of your vest to your hand and knee gear. It will look good on you if the color complements each other.
Convenient And Useful
This vest is very convenient to use because of its wonderful benefits and it will always come useful. It has elastic straps and strong buckles. You will never experience any discomfort while wearing this material because it is well ventilated. You won’t feel hot even if you are using it while its excellent fit will suit your body well. It can serve a great purpose because it can reduce body pain and injury whenever there is an unexpected crash on the road. In fact, this is an important gear that a motorbike rider must possess this vest to feel safe all the time. Cycling can be fun especially if you are with your friends. But always remember to keep yourself protected whenever you are on the road.
Essential For Motorbike Riding
It is essential for motorbike riders to use a vest so it would be practical to have them. You can remove it right away once you are at home or as you arrive at your destination. But also wear them again if you start to ride your motorbike. It will protect you against sharp objects and even to the harmful elements on the road.