Motorcycle Protective Armor Vest – High Quality Safety Gear


Ventilated vest that provides chest and back protection to its wearer
Can fit on your upper body well and available in various colors
Has adjustable straps, strong buckles, and give abrasion or impact protection
Material: 50% Polypropylene, 25% Polyethylene, 17% Polyester, 8% Other
Weight: 0.7kg
Size: 50 x 40cm
Package Includes:

1 x Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear

Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear
Motorcycle Protective Armor Vest - High Quality Safety Gear $63.98

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Motorcycle Armor Vest Protective Gear

This Armor Vest is a quality piece of protective gear, designed for those who ride motorcycles. It offers reliable toughness against abrasions and impacts, with a specialized design that shields both the chest and back effectively, an important feature for anyone who enjoys motorcycling. The road can be unpredictable, so preparation is key – this includes donning protective gear like this armor vest.

The vest is available in a selection of colors for personalized style. However, for the best aesthetic effect, it’s recommended to match the color of the vest with any hand and knee gear.

Convenience and Utility

The Armor Vest balances its robust protective qualities with user-friendliness. It’s equipped with elastic straps and strong buckles, ensuring a secure fit without compromising comfort. The specially designed ventilation means you won’t overheat even during extended use. Its excellent fit contours to your body, and it helps to diminish body pain and injury in the event of an unforeseen crash. Enjoy cycling for fun or as a hobby, whether with friends or solo, but always remember to keep yourself protected when you hit the road.

Motorbike Riding Essential

This vest is more than just an accessory, it’s a crucial part of motorbike riding. It can be easily removed once you’re at home or at your destination, and worn again the next time you ride. Offering protection against sharp objects and harmful elements on the road, the Armor Vest isn’t just practical – it’s essential.