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You can write in different colors is you use this multicolor pen
It has six different colors in this single pen which all has vibrant beautiful shades
Improves your penmanship with its ballpoint tip for easy writing
Material: high-quality pp material
Size: about 14 x 1.5cm or 5.5 or 0.6in
Weight: about 15g
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1 x Multicolor Pen Ballpoint School Supply

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Multicolor Pen Ballpoint School Supply
Multicolor Ballpoint Pen - Versatile School Supply $8.00

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Product Description:
Introducing the Multicolor Pen Ballpoint School ​Supply – a versatile and efficient accessory for students. This​ pen aims to foster a more engaging and organized method of⁣ note taking. It enables students to categorize and differentiate topics or concepts using varied colors, thereby ‍streamlining information absorption ​and review processes. This pen consolidates the convenience of numerous colored pens into one single tool,​ eliminating the need to frequently switch between separate pens.

This remarkable ballpoint pen is integrated with six ⁤different colors. This unique feature grants students easy access to a multitude of high-quality ink colors. It delivers vibrant, clear, and unfaded colors that make notes⁣ appear distinct and visually appealing. It’s an excellent tool for not⁤ only⁤ note taking, but also for drawing and crafting colorful doodles, thereby⁢ making the learning experience more collaborative and⁣ joyful.

In​ terms of design and functionality, this pen is designed with a smooth ballpoint tip to facilitate efficient and elegant writing. It encourages neat​ penmanship, which ultimately leads to improved readability in notes. As a result, you get ‌clearer, more stimulating notes, making studying less daunting and more ‍inspirational.