Pop Up Photo Box Anniversary Gift


Go the extra mile and surprise your lover on your special day with this pop-up photo box
Creating this personal gift box is better than buying a gift off the shelves. Your lover will appreciate your effort in making the box for them.
The topmost layer has a compartment where you place small gifts like an engagement ring, a watch, small gadgets,  car keys, small perfume bottles, and others
Please take note that the explosion photo box comes unassembled and you have to assemble it yourself
Box Size: 25 x 25 cm / Height: 14.3 cm
Photo Holder Size (Base Layer): 11.2 cm / Photo Holder Size (Second and Third Layer): 9 cm
Package Content:

1 x Pop Up Photo Box (Unassembled)
1 x Tape
1 x Ribbon

Pop Up Photo Box Anniversary Gift
Pop Up Photo Box Anniversary Gift $36.90

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Pop Up Photo Box Anniversary Gift
Celebrating your anniversary soon? Surprise your lover with this pop-up photo box! There’s no better way to express your love than by looking back to all the memories you spent together. This pop-up photo box is a creative photo album that displays the photos in a creative way. Unlike a regular photo album, this one has photo holders that pop-up when the open the box. Moreover, this pop-up box has three layers so you can sort-out the photos according to the events and occurrence. This photo box is a creative surprise for your lover. They will surely jump out of joy because of your unconventional anniversary gift. This box is more personal and more thoughtful than buying them a bouquet of roses. It is because you’ll spend time and effort preparing it for your special day. This box is a great expression of the things you do for love.
Surprise Effect
Go the extra mile by exerting effort in making your anniversary surprise instead of buying one off the shelves. Your lover will surely appreciate the time and effort you made to surprise them. Go the extra mile and make something that’s personal and meaningful to both of you. Through this gift box, you can express your love for your lover in a special way. Moreover, it’s also something that they can keep so they can look back to your memories every now and then. Outside, it looks like any regular gift box. But, when they open it, the photos will create an exploding effect and that will surprise them.
DIY Assembly
Please take note that this explosion box comes in parts and pieces. You have to assemble it yourself to create the pop-up box. But don’t worry because it’s very easy to set up. Moreover, the topmost layer has a small compartment where you can place small items like an engagement ring, watch, and other pieces of jewelry.