Practice Target Golf Chipping Net for Improved Accuracy & Precision


Practice playing golf whenever and wherever you are, take this golf chipping net with you
It is a stand-alone net with a sturdy wire and plastic pipe frame that can withstand the impact from the ball
The mesh net catches the ball so it does not fly away from the playing area
Material: Metal + Net
Installed Size: 570 x 570 x 570mm / Folded Size: 330mm x 60mm (D x T) / Storage Bag Size: 215mm (Dia)
Package Content:

1 x Golf Chipping Net
1 x Storage Bag

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Golf Chipping Net Practice Target
Practice Target Golf Chipping Net for Improved Accuracy & Precision $29.00

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Product Description: Golf Chipping Net Practice Target

In golf, becoming a master player like Tiger Woods doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, it requires extensive training and practice. With the aid of our Golf Chipping Net Practice Target, you can enhance your golf skills and improve your swing. This practice tool makes training sessions more efficient by providing a target to aim for with each swing.

The chipping net features a wire frame stand making it sturdy and self-supporting. The centerpiece is a red round target goal perfect for practicing accuracy and precision in your swings. In addition, this net is equipped to catch golf balls, preventing them from flying off target and allowing you to focus on technique rather than chase after stray balls.


The golf chipping net’s lightweight and portable design makes it possible to practice golf in diverse settings. Despite its durability, the material of the net is lightweight, comprising of mesh and nylon as well as some wire and pipes. It’s very easy to set up and disassemble. With the added advantage of a provided zipper bag that comes with a sling, the convenience of transporting this golf practice tool is made doubly easy. Because of its compact nature, it is also easy to store, making this an essential tool for any golf practice.

Perfect for Beginners

The Golf Chipping Net Practice Target is an excellent tool for newcomers to the sport of golf. It serves as a practical means to practice your chipping and swing techniques effectively. Constructed from durable mesh material, it’s designed to withstand the impact of golf balls. The device features a sturdy frame that keeps it upright, ensuring it stays resilient against the frequent hits of golf balls during practice sessions.