Premium 60-Slot Egg Storage Container Box – Durable & Specially Designed for Safe Egg Storage


This Egg Storage Container is space-efficient and perfect for use in the fridge
It has double layers which can hold thirty eggs per layer for a total of sixty eggs capacity
Each egg has a specific slot to prevent shaking that can lead to cracking of the eggs
Material: PP
Size: About 34 x 26 x 17cm
Package Contents:

1 x Egg Storage Container

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Egg Storage Container 60-Slot Box
Premium 60-Slot Egg Storage Container Box - Durable & Specially Designed for Safe Egg Storage $47.01

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Product: Egg Storage Container 60-Slot Box

Ensure your kitchen eggs remain fresh and intact with the Egg Storage Container 60-Slot Box. This essential kitchen storage solution is a highly efficient, space-saving must-have. Eggs are widely used in numerous dishes and recipes, both sweet and savory, making them a common staple in many households. However, due to their fragility, eggs can crack easily. Avoid this wastage with the help of a sturdy and protective storage container.

Double Layer Design

The noteworthy feature about this egg storage box is its double-layer structure. With a capacity to accommodate up to sixty eggs, it complements your kitchen storage without compromising on space. Refrigeration is recommended for long-term storage of eggs as it aids in their preservation. Storing eggs in warm environments may accelerate their expiration. The container’s transparent design provides an easy and convenient visual of the stored quantity for timely replenishment.

Food-Safe Material

This egg storage box is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic, food-safe material. It features a drawer-like design, allowing easy access to your stored eggs. Its unique design ensures that eggs can be removed without causing any disturbance or interacting with other eggs inside the container, thereby reducing the risk of cracking. Each egg gets a dedicated slot to be positioned securely. This feature also makes the container ideal for transporting eggs, ensuring they remain in their respective places despite any movement.