Raitool™ FC02 15W 100-240V Electric Styrofoam Cutter Craft Pen Foam Cutting Tool


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Raitool™ FC02 Electric Styrofoam Cutter Craft Pen Foam Cutting Tool 15W 100-240V
Raitool™ FC02 15W 100-240V Electric Styrofoam Cutter Craft Pen Foam Cutting Tool $16.99

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Introducing the 15W 100-240V Foam Cutter Electric Styrofoam Cutting Machine Pen Kit Tool.

– Brand: Raitool
– Model: FC02
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Heater Tube Diameter: 2mm
– Total Length: Approximately 250mm
– Needle Cutter Length: Approximately 100mm
– Weight: Roughly 46g
– Working Power: 15W
– Electronic Adaptor: Input: 100-240V, Output: DC 6V 2.5A

1. This hot Foam Cutter is expertly designed to cut through materials such as Styrofoam with ease.
2. It’s perfect for art model making, student handmade practice, and creating advertising words.
3. The DIY Foam Cutter makes cutting polystyrene foam and similar materials a breeze!
4. It’s ideal for commercial artwork development, intricate and small font design in advertising (such as letters), hobbyist art creation, and even school model making lessons.
5. You can cut the foam board or block from any angle and craft it into your desired shape.
6. The DIY Foam Cutter is the perfect tool to bring your designs to life and add joy to your crafting!
7. It heats up quickly, reaching 200°C within just 10 seconds.

Please Note: The foam cutter pen should not be used for more than 30 minutes at a time, and 2-3 hours a day.

Package Includes:
1x Foam Cutting Pen
1x Electronic Transformer Adaptor

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