Retractable Drain Basket Strainer – Convenient Kitchen Sink Accessory


This drain basket is perfect to use in draining your food and utensils after washing it
It has a retractable feature, so you can conveniently use it according to your needs
Ideal to place on top of the sink to drain the excess water into it
Material: PET, PE plastic
Dimensions: 30-39.5 x 18.3 x 6.5cm (11.8-15.55 x 7.2 x 2.56inch)
Package content:

1 x Drain Basket Retractable Strainer

Drain Basket Retractable Strainer
Retractable Drain Basket Strainer - Convenient Kitchen Sink Accessory $23.86

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Product Title: Drain Basket Retractable Strainer

The Drain Basket Retractable Strainer is a handy kitchen tool designed for your needs. Its core attribute is its retractable design which modifies its size according to your requirement. This function facilitates efficiency, enabling your kitchen chores, in particular, washing, to be quicker and more convenient. Following a good wash, the basket aids in draining residual water, ensuring your utensils and food items are completely dry and clean for further use or consumption.

The retractable drain basket also offers a practical space-saving solution. Its design allows it to fit snugly over the sink, all the while collecting drained water. It can be extended or contracted depending on the space you have, with the size flexibility able to accommodate a range of sink widths.

Moreover, it has been created to be functional and durable, guaranteeing a long lifespan if used correctly. It is the quintessential kitchen aid, perfect for draining washed fruits, vegetables, kitchen tools, and utensils. The plastic material it is made from ensures it is rust-proof. When not in use, it is easily foldable and can be tucked away inside a cabinet, taking up minimal storage space. Indeed, this strainer basket is a practical and functional addition to any kitchen.