Reusable Spice Bottle – Durable Condiment Container for Kitchen Storage


A condiment and spice container that comes with a server (either a teaspoon, brush, or honey dipper)
It’s a practical and economical container; You can control how much of a certain condiment/spice you need for the dish
It’s a leakproof and airtight bottle

Material: Glass / Weight: About 182g
Size: 17 x 6.4 cm
Design Variant:

Container with Teaspoon
Container with Brush
Container with Honey Dipper

Package Content:

1 x Condiment Container

In stock

Condiment Container Reusable Spice Bottle
Reusable Spice Bottle - Durable Condiment Container for Kitchen Storage $19.99

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Product Description: Reusable Condiment Container Spice Bottle

Condiments and spices are vital in the culinary world. Even though they aren’t usually consumed independently, they enhance the taste and make your meals more enjoyable. This reusable condiment container is a functional bottle designed for storing both dried spices and liquid condiments.

The product comes in three variations: equipped with either a spoon, a brush, or a honey dipper. The spoon container is perfect for storing seasonings such as salt, pepper, curry, nutmeg, ground oregano and other dried spices. The brush-equipped container is more suited to liquids like oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and ketchup, enabling you to evenly spread the sauce directly from the bottle. Lastly, the variant sporting a honey dipper is designed for storing and serving denser, stickier substances like heavy syrups and honey.

Not only is this condiment container practical, but it is also economical. The spoon in the container measures the spices up to a teaspoon, which helps manage the quantity of the spice added during cooking. The brush container allows for even spread during marinating and basting, ensuring no excess usage. Similarly, the honey dipper container promotes controlled usage and mess-free serving of sticky substances like honey and syrup.

Above all, one of the key advantages of these condiment containers is that they are reusable, which means fewer utensils to clean. Say goodbye to washing your utensils after every single usage and keep your kitchen clutter-free. This product ensures a hassle-free, economical, and practical cooking experience for all food lovers out there.