Self-Adhesive Kitchen Paper Towel Holder


Suitable for your kitchen, bathroom, or toilet, it adds a modern and simple look to your home
It makes it easier to pull paper towels and saves space to your kitchen countertop to use it for other things
Convenient and easy to install, no need for you to drill as it is self-adhesive
Material: Iron
Size:  22 x 7.5 x 6cm/ 8.66 x 2.95 x 2.36″
Package Includes:

1 x Kitchen Paper Towel Holder Self-Adhesive Holder

Kitchen Paper Towel Holder Self-Adhesive Holder
Self-Adhesive Kitchen Paper Towel Holder $27.34

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Product Description: Kitchen Paper Towel Holder (Self-Adhesive)

This kitchen paper towel holder is a practical addition for any household. It is utilized to conveniently store and dispense paper towels, aiding in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in high activity areas such as the kitchen. It keeps paper towels within arm’s reach in case of spills or messes, serving an essential function while cooking.

Functionality: Promotes Cleanliness and Organization

This paper towel holder extends its utility beyond the kitchen as it can also be used in bathrooms, cabinets and other spaces needing ease of access to paper towels. Encourage members of the family to contribute to an organized and spotless home by maintaining easy access to paper towels. This promotes both cleanliness and the development of responsible habits.

Design: Durable, Convenient, and Ease of Installation

Constructed for durability, the kitchen paper towel holder provides effortless paper towel dispensing for improved convenience. Ease of installation is a notable feature of this product – no drilling or complicated assembly is required due to its self-adhesive design. Prior to installation, ensure that the intended area is clean for optimal adhesive performance.


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