Shrimp Deveiner Stainless Kitchen Tool


The Shrimp Deveiner effectively deveins shrimps quickly; It prevents the shrimps from breaking
It has an ergonomic handle; It is comfortable to grip and provides better overall control
It is stainless and waterproof; It is practical and easy to wash
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Size: 21cm x 6.5cm
Package Contents:

1 x Shrimp Deveiner

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Shrimp Deveiner Stainless Kitchen Tool
Now you can enjoy seafood better with this Shrimp Deveiner Stainless Kitchen Tool! It’s suitable for both small shrimps and large prawns! Everybody loves shrimp. But what nobody likes is removing the shell or deveining the shrimps one by one. It’s such a tedious and time-consuming process which is really not practical. Cooks and chefs especially have a hard time with this one. Not only is it a waste of time but they can get cuts on their finger when deveining shrimp as well. The main reason why you should devein shrimp is that you can clean it better that way and the flavor can seep better into the meat. Now you can do that without the hassle using this kitchen tool.
Ergonomic Handle
The main purpose of this tool is to devein shrimp easily. It has a narrow and slightly sharp edge that you can use to take the shell off in one go. The advantage of doing so is that it prevents the shrimp from breaking or ripping. It also allows you to remove shells at a much faster rate so you can save time. Aside from that, the tool has an ergonomic handle. This provides you with a comfortable grip and great overall control on the tool
Stainless Steel
One of the features of this tool is that it is of stainless steel material. Shrimps are moist and have saltwater content in them. These can make regular tools rust fast and once a kitchen tool rusts, it can easily contaminate your food. It’s a good thing that this shrimp deveiner is stainless which means that it is rustproof too. This gives it a smooth surface which you can clean easily. Because it doesn’t have tiny crevices on the surface unlike other tools there’s no space for bacteria or any food residue to stick to.

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