Sink Drain Cover Silicone Shower Filter


Prevent your sink from clogging and water overflowing by using this removable sink drain cover
It has an elevated handle on the middle where you can pull out this drain cover more easily
This is easy to clean by pulling the elevated handle forward so the clog materials are easily removed
Material: Silica Gel + Wheat Strew
Size: 11cm
Package Content:

1 x Sink Drain Cover Silicone Shower Filter

Sink Drain Cover Silicone Shower Filter
Sink Drain Cover Silicone Shower Filter $8.90

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Sink Drain Cover Silicone Shower Filter
One of the most annoying things that can happen when taking a bath is when the water collects on the bathroom floor. This happens when the drain is clogged with hair or other things. This then prevents the water to exit on the drain and instead builds up on the bathroom floor. So, instead of the shower making us feel clean, the water build-up on the floor makes it disgusting. This is a similar problem a well in sinks like the ones in the kitchen and the bathroom. A lot of particles and other things cover the drain of the sink that will cause the water to overflow. So, prevent that from happening by using a removable sink drain cover like this one. Now, you can easily clean up and throw the things that clog the drain. This makes cleaning the sink easier for you.
Elevated Handle
The thing about cleaning the drain is that it can be disgusting. Nobody likes touching damp food particles and hair on the sink or the bathroom floor. With regular drain filter, you will have no choice but to touch the things that clog it directly with your hands. However, with this drain cover, you won’t have to dirty your hands. Consequently, this one has a handle in the middle that you can use. So, when you have to clean the drain cover once it clogs up, you can simply lift it by holding the handle. This makes it less gross and easier for you to do.
Easy to Clean
To easily take out the particles off this drain cover, simply pull the handle until the filter pops forward. More so, this will help you clean the cover better as well. Now, you can make sure that the cover is spotlessly clean before returning it.