Small Frying Pan Non-Stick Cookware


Has a small size that allows you to cook mini hotdogs or fried eggs
It has a long handle and an anti-scratch coating
Non-stick, durable, and wear-resistant cookware
Material: Cast Iron / Handle Length: 13cm
Diameter: 12cm
Width: 2.8cm
Package Includes:

1 x Small Frying Pan Non-Stick Cookware

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Small Frying Pan Non-Stick Cookware
Small Frying Pan Non-Stick Cookware $22.65

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Small Frying Pan Non-Stick Cookware
Use this Small Frying Pan as you cook some breakfast meals like your favorite fried egg. This is non-stick cookware and it is portable. You can bring it along whenever you are having a trip with your family and you want to bring your personal gas stove. It can help you cook some food so you can satisfy your cravings. Cooking is a necessity for us because we need to feed ourselves. Good thing we have a dependable cooking material like this. Now we can cook anytime we want in our kitchen without any worries. After cooking, you can leave it for a while until it is not hot anymore. Then you can wash it with warm water and soap. Rinse it well and allow the pan to dry so you can use them again next time.
Strong And Non-Toxic
This is a strong pan that is non-toxic. It will never cause any bad taste to the food that you are cooking. Now you can enjoy a healthy meal every time you are eating. At the same time, it has an anti-scratch feature. Even if you flip the food, the cooking utensil you are using will never scratch the pan. The coating will allow the food and oil to slide off on the pan. It will be convenient for you to move the food on the pan. Moreover, the handle will enable you to hold the pan very well. If you hold the handle properly, you can transfer the food without any hassle since the handle does not heat up.
Lightweight Cooking Pan
It is lightweight and you can pack it with you during a trip. Even if you use it while cooking on a charcoal or firewood, it won’t get damaged. The coating will remain and you can just wipe off the dirt on the bottom part.