Snow Chains Anti-Slip Tire Wheel Cable (10 PCS)


The road is slippery when it’s snowing, that’s why you need these snow chains to add friction between your car’s wheels and the road
It is a safety car accessory because it prevents accidents that happen in a slippery road like losing control of your car while you are driving
It is easy to install and you can just remove it when winter is over
Material: Plastic/Size:9 x 900mm
Package Content:

10 x Snow Chains

100 in stock

Snow Chains Anti-Slip Tire Wheel Cable (10 PCS)
Snow Chains Anti-Slip Tire Wheel Cable (10 PCS) $28.80

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Snow Chains Anti-Slip Tire Wheel Cable
The road is slippery when wet, and it’s even more slippery on ice when it’s snowing. Not many people know, but these snow chains actually save thousands of lives especially when it’s snowing hard on some parts of the world. You see, tires are not designed for ice and snow. And, it is extra slippery to drive on snow versus when you are driving under the rain. Good thing these snow chains are easy to install tire cables that add grip to your tires when you are driving on snowy surfaces. These chains are like gigantic tie wires with rough edges that add friction. Because of this, your tires will not slip against the road when you are driving. Moreover, these chains are anti-slip safety accessories for your car’s tires. It is flexible and heavy-duty and of course, very durable.
How to Install
The snow chain works just like a tie wire. So, what you do is take out a cable and tie it around the tire like what you do with tie wire. Make sure that the rough portion is facing the outside and the smooth portion is facing the wheel. For each wheel, you will need around six to eight cables. It is also ideal that you install these wires at the first sight of snow. You never know when you might encounter a snowstorm. These cables are universal. So, they will fit with any type of tires.
Safety Accessory
These snow chains are safety accessories for your car. They are not permanent installations and you can simply remove it when winter is over. The main purpose of these cables is to add friction between the wheel and the slippery road. This way, you will have better control of your car as you drive through the snow.