Inflatable Human Bumper Bubble Ball for Interactive Fun


The human bumper ball is an inflatable bumper ball that you wear on your upper body; It’s a fun outdoor game that you can play in pair and in teams
The ball has two smooth and secure grip handles with straps; It’s thick and durable and does not easily tear or burst
High-quality air vent prevents the air from leaking

Material: 0.8mm PVC / Size: 150 cm
Package Content:

1 x Bumper Ball

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Human Bubble Ball Inflatable Bump Ball
Inflatable Human Bumper Bubble Ball for Interactive Fun $225.43

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Human Bubble Ball Inflatable Bump Ball

Introducing the Human Bubble Ball – an inflatable bump ball offering a novel outdoor game experience for both children and adults. The fundamental concept involves players wearing the ball over their upper body, allowing them to bump and bounce against other participants also using the bubble ball.

A perfectly entertaining choice for outdoor gaming, it only requires sizeable space, ideally grassy, to allow an extra layer of cushion. The ball is crafted from thick and highly durable material. It also includes grip handles inside to ensure better control while playing. This inflatable bump ball stands out as an easy-to-inflate option, with both automatic and manual pump compatibility. It is an ideal addition to family gatherings, reunions, and friendly get-togethers.


Take bonding to a new level with the bubble ball soccer game. Unlike solitary games, bubble soccer involves multiple players who can pair up or form teams. Notably, each player needs to wear the bubble ball to participate in the game.

The simplicity of the game lies in its rules – participants are required to wear the bubble ball while playing the game, allowing jumping, bouncing, and rolling for added excitement. It’s an excellent choice for groups of friends and families. Additionally, a thick air cushion ensures the safety of players, offering a protective layer inside the ball.

Fun Game

The bumper ball game sets the stage for an incredibly fun experience. Whether on the beach or a wide grassy field, adaptability is one of its greatest advantages. Additionally, these balls are simple to inflate and deflate, ensuring convenience during travels. Explore a new dimension of joy with the Human Bubble Ball Inflatable Bump Ball.