Squishy Ball Stress Relief Toy


Relieve stress or become more focused by squeezing this squeeze ball stress reliever
Has  beautiful glitter design inside the ball that makes it satisfying to look at
The mesh net around it makes the squeezing more fun, durable enough to withstand a strong squeeze
Material: Polyethylene
Net weight: 50 grams
Size: about 6cm
Package Content:

1 x Squishy Ball Stress Relief Toy

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Squishy Ball Stress Relief Toy
Sometimes work can be really stressful but we have no choice but to continue. With hectic work schedules, you will not even have the time to destress and relax. With that, people tend to breakdown in the most unlikely times and places. That’s why it is important to cope up with your stress and relieve it. For some people as well, when they feel anxious, nervous, or when they focus on doing something, they tend to move a lot. This is a common and normal mannerisms that people have. In order to help you relieve the tension and stress that you feel, use this squishy ball toy. Although this may look like your typical toy, it actually helps in fighting your stress. You can release your pent up frustrations to this ball by squeezing it hard. A simple yet effective way for you to cope up with stress.
Satisfying Glitter Ball
Inside this squeeze, the ball is beautiful glitters that shine. It feels satisfying ever time you squeeze this toy as not only because of the texture but with the glitter design inside as well. You will think of it as beautiful jewels that shine. So, not does it only help you relieve stress or to help you focus, it has a beautiful aesthetic as well that you will love. This makes it a great gift for people that you think need this. More so, aside from its usefulness, kids can play with this as well as a normal toy.
Mesh Net and Durable Ball
The squeeze ball has this mesh net around it that divides the ball into these fun smaller balls. This makes it even more satisfying and fun to play around with. More importantly, this ball is durable so you can confidently squeeze it hard.

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