Stainless Steel Long Handle Spider Strainer


This spider strainer is a multi-purpose strainer that you can use for frying and boiling
Drain the food from oil or water as soon as you take it out of the pan
It has a long handle so you can stay away from the heat and prevent your hands from burning
Main Material: Stainless Steel / Size: 33cm / Weight: 88g
Package Content:

1 x Spider Strainer

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Spider Strainer Long Stainless Steel Handle
Stainless Steel Long Handle Spider Strainer $15.55

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Product Description:

Spider Strainer with Long Stainless Steel ⁢Handle

The‍ Spider ⁣Strainer with Long Stainless Steel‍ Handle⁤ is an exceptional kitchen tool ⁤designed primarily for deep frying. ​If you don’t possess a dedicated deep fryer, don’t worry. This strainer can​ easily facilitate deep frying even in a deep‍ pan. Ensuring that the pan is thick and robust enough to ⁣sustain the heat from​ the oil is the only prerequisite.

The spider strainer allows you to check the status ⁤of your food easily; you can tell when the food is thoroughly⁤ cooked ‍without having to ⁤use tongs or other kitchen utensils.

The strainer features a long handle distanced from the‍ straining⁢ component, protecting⁢ the user from oil splatters while frying.

Functionality beyond Frying:

The Spider Strainer is not ⁣limited to frying; its functionality⁤ extends into boiling‍ as well.⁢ It serves as an excellent device⁢ for ​draining water from cooked noodles and pasta.

Apart from draining, it ​is equally handy for stirring your pasta or noodles⁣ during the boiling process, ensuring an evenly cooked result. Unlike with tongs,‍ the strainer provides a more comprehensive⁢ view of your frying food items,​ allowing ⁢you to judge the cooking process better.

It also affords ‌batch frying of ⁣food, ​saving time and preserving the heat of⁢ your cooking ‍oil. You can directly drain oil or water, eliminating the need for transferring food to another container or strainer.

The Stainless Steel Long Handle:

The ‌Spider ​Strainer ‍is⁤ held by ‍its long, stainless⁢ steel handle. The ​extended⁢ handle allows for safe‍ distance from cooking heat and splattering,⁤ thus minimizing the‍ chance of accidental burns. The handle’s stainless ‍steel ensures durability and longevity ‍of‌ the tool.