Stainless Steel Teapot Kettle


The spout has a cover to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the teapot
It comes with a filter to separate the tea residues in your drink
The handle has an anti-scalding material to prevent your hand from getting hurt when its already hot
Material: stainless steel

1 Liter capacity: 18.5 x 18cm (including spout and handle) / 9.4 x 9cm (kettle dimensions)
2 Liter capacity: 23 x 20cm (including spout and handle) / 11 x 9.5cm (kettle dimensions)

Package content: 1 x Stainless Steel Teapot Kettle

Stainless Steel Teapot Kettle
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Stainless Steel Teapot Kettle
Use this stainless steel teapot in brewing your favorite tea. Moreover, its compact and small size makes it convenient to use anytime you feel like having tea at home. Drinking a hot beverage can give you relaxation. After doing a certain tiring task, it is so nice to sip tea or coffee to relax your body. Likewise, pairing it with a slice of cake or any pastry can surely bring delight in your mouth and heart. Enjoy this moment and give yourself the relaxation that you deserve. And to help you prepare your tea time with ease, use this stainless steel teapot.
Functional and Useful Kettle
You will surely find this teapot functional and convenient to use in boiling water. Likewise, the sprout has a cover to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the kettle. And when you pour the contents on the cup, the cover will just open as the liquid flows on it. Also, it has an anti-scalding handle to prevent your hand from getting hurt due to hotness. With this, you can easily hold this kettle after boiling its contents in the stove. This teapot also comes with a filter, making it convenient to separate the residues from your drink.
Convenient and Easy to Use
This teapot is made of stainless steel material so you can easily boil the water inside. It will only take a few minutes before the water to boil and ready for use. Likewise, you can choose from the 3 sizes available, there’s a 1, 1.5, or 2 liters capacity. Get the one that will suit your needs to give you convenience. And with this kettle, you can easily enjoy a cup of hot coffee, tea, or other beverages that you like. Have a cup for yourself or drink it with your friends while having a nice conversation.