Sterilizer UV Light for Aquarium Fish Tank Water Purification


It is extremely efficient and it can help provide a clean living environment for your fish
Comes with 4 levels adjustable timer: 3h, 6h, 12h, and 24h, it can automatically open sterilization every day to ensure timely sterilization
It helps neutralize harmful micro-organisms and free-floating algae
Materials: Plastics and Glass; Voltage: AC 110-120V/220-240V; Plug Type: EU Plug /US Plug
Types and Sizes:

5W Lamp Length: 165mm/ 6.5″
7W Lamp Length: 165mm/ 6.5″
9W Lamp Length:  225mm/ 8.9″
11W Lamp Length:  245mm/ 9.6″
13W Lamp Length:  245mm/9.6″

Package Contents:

1 x UV Light For Fish Tank Water Sterilizer with Time Controller
2 x Suction cups

UV Light For Fish Tank Water Sterilizer
Sterilizer UV Light for Aquarium Fish Tank Water Purification $35.43$36.55

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Product: UV Light For Fish Tank Water Sterilizer

This UV Light For Fish Tank Water Sterilizer is an excellent tool for those who are keen to provide a hygienic environment for their fish. This device does the task of a general light source and doubles as a sterilizer for your tank. This UV light is designed specifically for individuals who have a busy schedule and need help maintaining the cleanliness of their fish tank.

Being a responsible pet owner involves more than just providing food and water for your pets. Creating a suitable living environment is essential for their overall wellbeing. For those who own fish, this UV light for fish tank is an exceptional tool to help maintain a clean, healthy tank.

Four Levels Of Adjustable Timer

With this UV light for fish tank, you can control the amount of sterilization time. It offers four timer settings: 3h, 6h, 12h, and 24 hrs. This handy feature allows the device to turn on the sterilization process automatically each day, ensuring your fish tank stays clean, even when you’re away from home, for extended periods.

Pets are invaluable for our emotional health, offering us companionship and joy. Thus, making their living environment safe and clean is the best thing one can provide them, and this UV light for fish tank helps do exactly that.

Neutralizes Harmful Microorganisms

This product is fitted with a strong suction cup, ensuring that it stays put reliably. Moreover, it is adjustable, allowing you to freely position it depending on your needs. The UV light effectively neutralizes harmful microorganisms and free-floating algae, ensuring a safe and clean environment in your fish tank.