Sushi Onigiri Mold Making Tool – Set of 4 Pieces


This Onigiri Mold is convenient to use and reusable so it is a must-have in the kitchen
Made of non-toxic material that is safe for food and easily washable as well
The mold ensures perfectly tight and consistently-shaped onigiris every time
Material: Polypropylene PP
Heat resistance: about – 20 ℃ to + 100 ℃
Big Mold Size: about 70 x 40 mm / Small Mold Size: about 55 x 30 mm
Package Contents:

2 x Big Onigiri Mold
2 x Small Onigiri Mold

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Onigiri Mold Sushi Making Tool (4 pcs)
Sushi Onigiri Mold Making Tool - Set of 4 Pieces $9.98

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Product: Onigiri Mold Sushi Making Tool

This Onigiri Mold Sushi Making Tool enables you to easily create perfectly-shaped onigiris in your own kitchen. It is not only food-safe but also reusable. Onigiri, a favored Japanese delight, consists of rice, seaweed paper, and various other ingredients based on the specific variant. Similar to sushi, onigiri requires a mold to maintain a particular shape, ensuring that it remains compact and the rice grains don’t fall out. If the onigiri is poorly constructed, it can be messy to eat, resulting in a less enjoyable dining experience.

Ease of Use

An Onigiri Mold Sushi Making Tool offers the convenience of not having to handle the sticky rice directly. Simply press the rice firmly into the mold before adding your chosen ingredients. Additionally, the mold guarantees a consistent, symmetrical shape with each use. This mold can double as an onigiri storage container; perfect for taking onigiri to work or school without worrying about it deforming. The mold is both lightweight and simple to clean.


Made from non-toxic PP material, this Onigiri Mold Sushi Making Tool is designed with food safety in mind. No need to fret over potential food contamination, as the material is of high-quality and specially crafted for food use. The durable and reusable nature of this mold makes it environmentally friendly, a much better alternative to cling film or disposable tools. Its transparent design lets you quickly see whether there is sufficient rice inside the mold or if more is needed. The set includes two onigiri molds in different sizes, providing flexibility to create a variety of sushi options.