Tassel Curtain String Dividers


This tassel curtain is perfect to use in windows, doors, walls, and room dividers
It has several acrylic beads to add accent and more beauty to this curtain
Easy to install to give you convenience
Material: acrylic crystal beads
Dimensions: 100x 200 cm
Package content:

1 x Tassel Curtain String Dividers

Tassel Curtain String Dividers
Tassel Curtain String Dividers $32.30

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Tassel Curtain String Dividers
Use this tassel curtain in dividing rooms at your home. Likewise, this is suitable to use on windows and doors as well. Make your homes a livable and pretty place for the whole family to stay in. Take time in adding decorations that suit your taste and preference. Use your creativity and imagination to get the look that you want for the living room, bedroom, comfort room, or kitchen. Besides, a simple yet beautiful home can help you relieve stress. It is so nice to come home seeing your house neat and in order too. You can surely rest and relax on it after a long and tiring day at work or school.
Pretty and Attractive Curtain
You will surely love using this tassel curtain in your house. Moreover, its simple yet pretty design makes it attractive to use. It is made of tassels with acrylic beads accent to add more beauty into it. There are 3 colors available for you to choose from – white, black, and blue. Get the one that will match with the color of your wall, window, or furniture. You can also combine the colors if you have a big or wide area to cover to make even more unique to look at.
Multi-purpose Drape to Use
Using this curtain can give you several options. You can hang this on the window to give an accent and filter some dust and bugs from outside. Likewise, this is perfect to use on door jambs or frames to give cover or division. And you can also have this on walls to add decor and give it a new look. Another use is for dividing your living room and dining room. Hang this in between to serve as dividers. And of course, you can make use of this curtain for other purposes as well. So get one or more of this now.