Touch-Sensitive Hexagon Wall Lamp – Modern Decorative Light


A hexagonal shape energy-saving LED light for wall surfaces
Has a strong transmission of light and decorative design
A magnetic modular device with a touch-sensitive feature
Thickness: 18mm / 1 Piece Dimension (L x H): 115 x 100mm
5 Connecting Pieces Dimension (L x H): 301 x 202mm
Material: ABS, PC / Plug Types: AU, UK, EU, US
Package Content/s Per Variant:

3pcs Set
4pcs Set
5pcs Set
6pcs Set
10pcs Set

Hexagon Wall Light Touch Sensitive Lamp

Hexagon Wall Light Touch Sensitive Lamp
Touch-Sensitive Hexagon Wall Lamp - Modern Decorative Light $51.59$81.88

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Hexagon Wall Light Touch Sensitive Lamp
Revamp your‍ interior⁣ with the ‌Hexagon Wall Light. This touch-sensitive lamp,⁢ available in sets of three to ten pieces, can ⁤be⁤ interconnected for a unique lighting ‍arrangement. Each magnetic modular LED module yields around eighty lumens and casts a light ‌temperature of‍ 5000-6000K.

Perfect⁢ for any area in your home, including the living room,​ hallway, kitchen, or ‌bedroom,⁤ this ​energy-efficient light requires only two watts per module. Thanks to its⁤ distinct style and magnetic assembly, these ‌wall lights ⁢create a striking display without the⁤ need for‍ excessive power. Just remember ​to‍ adhere ⁣them securely to the wall⁤ to prevent them from⁣ falling.

Installing Your Wall ‍LED Light
Installation of these LED lights is straightforward and hassle-free. ⁤Each module ‍comes with sticky ⁢pads that you simply attach at the back ⁣and then affix ⁢to your chosen wall surface. It’s a quick and easy to a DIY lighting arrangement.

For ‍those with a set of ten module lamps, you can place them together⁢ directly on the wall. There’s ‌even an ‍option‍ to secure each ⁣module with a nail ​through a hole at the⁤ back of the device. Ensure you hook the nails in safely and consult the instruction manual for ‍additional guidance.

Each lamp is equipped with a​ proximity sensor capable of detecting the distance of your body and enabling you ⁢to​ toggle the light off/on as⁣ you near the ‌device.

Excellent Design
Make a style statement with this beautifully ‍designed ⁢lamp. Arrange the pieces in a straight line alongside ‍your living room ​sofa, ⁣form a unique⁢ shape or line on the wall, and bask in its bright⁣ and welcoming ⁢light.