USB Rechargeable Cordless Hot Glue Guns Kits for DIY Art Craft with 24pcs Glue Stick


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Cordless Hot Glue Guns Kits USB Rechargable DIY Art Craft Hot Glue Guns W/ 24pcs Glue Stick
USB Rechargeable Cordless Hot Glue Guns Kits for DIY Art Craft with 24pcs Glue Stick $19.99

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Product ‌Description: Unleash your creativity with this high-performance hot glue gun.⁤ Its super strong adhesive is perfect for a⁤ wide range of​ materials including crafts, ‌floral, plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, and leather. This makes⁢ it an ⁣excellent tool for various ⁤DIY projects. The glue gun⁤ uses ​high-quality EVA glue sticks ⁣that ensure superior⁤ bonding with metals, ⁣plastic,‍ and⁢ ceramic items.

Product Specifications:
– Type 1: Hot glue gun only
– Type 2: Hot glue gun ⁤+ 24pcs‍ Glue stick
– Warm-up time: ​15 seconds
– Voltage: 220V
– Size: ​140 * 135mm
– Number⁢ of glue sticks:‍ 1PCS
– ‌Working time: 1-2⁣ hours
– Melting peak temperature: ⁤150℃
– Glue ⁣stick diameter: 7mm

Product Features:
– ⁣Lightweight and comfortable to hold
– Fast heating (15 seconds) ⁤for efficient use
– Easy to operate ‌with a two-finger trigger that moves up and down in an arc
– Ideal for manual and maintenance ⁢work
– USB ‍charging for wireless use and easy portability

Usage Tips:
-‍ Keep the glue stick ‍clean to avoid impurities blocking the nozzle. Do not pull out the remaining part⁣ of the glue stick from the⁣ hot ‌glue gun after each use.
– Preheat the hot​ glue gun for 15 seconds⁣ before use. Avoid touching the nozzle and glue while working.
– The remaining pressure‌ inside the glue gun may push a ⁢little melted glue out‍ of⁣ the gun, even when not in use. To save glue, control ⁣the ​release of the trigger ​or ‌cut off ‌the power in advance.
– When you’re done ‍using the⁢ glue ⁢gun, cut⁣ off the power supply. Do not disassemble⁣ the⁣ melted glue gun under any circumstances.

Package Contains:
Type 1: 1 * Hot glue⁤ gun
Type 2: 1 ⁢* Hot glue gun +⁤ 24 * Glue ‍stick (4pcs each color)

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