Waterproof Rear Car Wiper Removal Kit with Cap


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Waterproof Rear Car Wiper Removal Kit with Cap $10.93

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Our product is a kit that facilitates‍ the removal of your ‍vehicle’s rear wiper. It​ also includes‌ a low-profile, weatherproof cover to conceal the resulting “hole.”

Features: This kit is composed of ⁢high-quality⁢ material ensuring its durability. It comes‌ with a cap, ⁤a rubber seal, a mounting washer, and a⁢ nut. The rubber seal ensures waterproofing. The‍ product is⁣ easy to install and is universally suitable ⁤for covering mounting ⁣holes​ from windscreen wipers, antennas, and spray nozzles‌ among others.

Specifications: The kit is made from ABS material. It​ comes in three optional diameters, 46mm / 1.81in, 32mm / 1.26in, and 30mm / 1.18in. The packaging‍ measures 120*80*20mm / 4.72*3.15*0.79in.⁤ The package ‍weight is 10g ​/ 0.35‍ ounces (46mm) and 20g / 0.7ounces⁢ (32mm & 30mm).

Note:⁣ Due‌ to varying display screens ‍and lighting conditions, the product’s⁤ actual ⁣color might ⁢slightly differ from the ⁢color displayed in pictures. ⁤Please allow minor measurement⁣ deviations due to manual measurements.

Package List: The package includes 1 Rear Wiper Delete Kit.