Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool


The Wet Hair Brush is a more gentle hair tool which is ideal for brushing wet hair
It has round-tipped nylon bristles which massage the scalp and promote hair growth
It has a non-slip handle which provides a comfortable grip on the brush
Material: Nylon Hair, ABS, Rubber/ Total Weight: Approx. 91g / 3.20oz
Total Size: 26 x 8.0 x 5.0cm / 10.23 x 3.14 x 1.96in
Package Contents:

1 x Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool

Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool
Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool $23.05

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Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool
Improve your hair care routine with this Wet Hair Brush Nylon Bristles Tool! It’s ideal for all hair types and hair lengths! Everyone knows hair brushing is necessary to maintain good grooming for yourself. But what most people don’t know is that it can offer good long-term benefits. For one, brushing your hair can help remove tangles and knots in your hair. And you may think that the type of brush or comb doesn’t matter, but that’s not the case. Human hair is especially brittle when wet. That’s why you should only get the right type of hairbrush.

Round-Tipped Nylon Bristles
The main reason why you should get this wet hair brush is that it’s not too harsh on wet hair. Hair becomes very fragile when wet, and combing it without caution can cause it to break and split. The good thing about this brush is that it has nylon bristles and round tips. This makes it gentle to use on the hair and scalp as well. This can also help massage the scalp well to promote healthy and fast hair growth. Another benefit is that it can help distribute natural oils evenly. This makes the hair appear shiny, healthy, and volume.
Non-Slip Handle
Another good thing about it is that it has a non-slip handle. This makes it comfortable to grip and easy to use, especially on wet hair. The non-slip handle can also provide you with good control over the brush so you can do it with precision. Its shape is that of an arch-shape which makes it unique. It also has a hole hanging on its end. The hairbrush is also easy to clean and quick-drying. It is important to clean your brushes once in a while to get rid of bacteria build-up.