YT-180A Double Head Wood Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Power Drill Attachment Holder Tool


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Double Head YT-180A Wood Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Power Drill Attachment Holder Tool
YT-180A Double Head Wood Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Power Drill Attachment Holder Tool $44.99

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Description: ⁢This versatile tool​ is perfect for cutting or sawing ⁤through⁤ metal sheets, rods, slices, plastic, fiberglass, and wood.‌ It’s an essential addition‍ to‍ your‌ toolkit, whether you’re doing repairs, decorating, ⁤or other similar tasks.‍

Compact and easy to use, it delivers excellent cutting and sawing results without leaving any burrs. You⁢ can ⁤change the ⁣cutting or ⁣sawing⁣ direction within 360°, making⁤ it perfect for any project. Whether‍ you ⁣need to cut or saw curves, straight lines, rounds, squares, ovals, or any other irregular shapes, this⁣ tool has got you covered.

Material: Metal, Plastic
Color: Black, Silver Tone
Overall Length: 210mm
Cutter Diameter: 50mm
Metal Cutting⁣ Diameter: 25mm
Wood Saw Diameter: 35mm
Connecting Shaft: ⁢8mm
Quantity:‍ 1pc

Max. cutting thickness:
Steel Plate: 1.2mm
Stainless Steel: 1mm
Wood / plastic fiberboard‍ / plexiglass / plywood:‌ 5mm (3000rpm or 1m/min)
Iron / Copper: 5mm (300rpm or 0.05m/min)

Safety ‍Precautions:
1. Ensure ‍the plastic safety housing is closed‍ before use.
2. Do not exceed the ⁢thickness ​of cutting ‍materials specified.
3. Do not use this‌ tool outside‍ the‌ usage ranges provided.
4. Always switch off your drill before installing the tool‌ or replacing any cutting rod and⁣ saw blade.

Rod Holder Replacement: Use a hex key ⁢to slowly loosen the screw​ on the sliding case. Replace the old rod holder with a new one in the‍ same position and tighten ⁤the screw. It’s recommended to ‍apply some lubrication oil into the inner hole of the new rod holder.

Rod Replacement:​ Loosen the⁤ screw⁤ on the basic body, release the sliding case and rod holder, ​apply some lubrication oil on the new rod and insert⁣ it into the right position of the reciprocating sliding block. Then reinstall the sliding case and‌ rod holder.

Saw Blade ‍Replacement:⁣ Remove the plastic ⁤safety housing, use a hex key to slowly loosen the two screws on the​ saw blade holder, replace ‌the saw blade, and then reattach the plastic safety housing.

How‍ to Use the Cutting Rod: Replace the plastic ⁢safety housing, insert⁢ the bracket-handle‌ connector into the bracket slot‍ with the ⁣connector ​threads facing outwards, screw tight the plastic‍ handle,⁣ and finally cover the plastic safety housing.

How to Use the Saw Blade: Screw tight​ the plastic ⁢handle into the threads⁣ of the rod holder. Remove the plastic safety housing, install​ the appropriate saw blade (for wood cutting‌ or for metal cutting), ⁤and then ⁤reattach the plastic ‌safety housing. Start ‌your ‍job‍ by holding tight the plastic handle and running ‍your drill.

1. Never start your drill before you run your drill.
2. Stop your work and release the cutting​ bit or saw blade while your drill is‌ still running.
3. Use some proper cutting or sawing oil ⁢before​ you start ⁤to use the tool.
4. Achieve excellent⁢ cutting speed by⁤ 2 meters per minute with 3000RPM.⁣ Best Cutting result without​ any burrs at⁣ the cutting ⁣edges ⁤360° changeable direction ⁢at operation.
5. By ⁤replacing another rod holder, you can cut 5mm max. of plastic plate, fibre plate, perspex, and plywood.
6. To saw woods, plastic, some other non-metal materials of 50mm max. ​thickness at a general speed of 1M per minute with RPM 3000 max.
7. To saw ⁢metal, copper and other similar material of 20mm max. thickness at a speed of 0.05M⁣ per minute with RPM 300max.

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