ZTTO 2022 Bike Brake Repair Kit – Universal Metal & Plastic Tool


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ZTTO 2022 Bike Brake Repair Kit - Universal Metal & Plastic Tool $18.99$34.99

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This product offers ​a new connection mode equipped with a non-clogging depressurization funnel. The funnel, having an embedded metal neck, increases the ⁢product’s practicality. The ⁣established joint system between the ⁣funnel and oiler is highly compatible. The product features double oiler and oil pot, effectively catering to ⁢a variety of oil change needs.


The connector ensures a quick and easy connection⁤ to the funnel or syringes‍ by just plugging in. The precise match of the stopring with the clamping grooves​ generates‌ a freely rotating sealing state between the joint‌ and ‌the oiler.

The funnel features a block-free design,​ providing control over the opening and ‌closing of the funnel without any complications. The‌ design ensures that the ‌oil circuit opens when the funnel ⁣is in use and closes once the oiling process is​ complete, thereby avoiding oil spillage caused by pressure release due to blockage.

The funnel neck is intentionally designed as a “depressurization reducer”. This helps in minimizing the mixing of oil and⁣ air by limiting the direction and flow rate of the brake oil ‍entering the funnel. Moreover, four wings evenly distribute the brake oil on the funnel body’s​ sidewall for quick elimination of small bubbles.

This tool is compatible with a variety of brakes and comes equipped with dual oil injectors. The product ensures you do not have to worry about the oil injection port on the side and provides a flexible solution to⁣ the brake oil injection ⁤issue.


Type: set‌ A, set B,⁣ set C (optional)

Main color: yellow

Material: plastics+metal

Package size: 240 ‍*⁣ 100 * 60mm / 9.4 * 3.9‌ * 2.4in

Package weight: Set A: 255g /‌ 9.0ounce, Set B: 310g / 10.9ounce, Set C: 540g / 1.2lb

Packing List

1 * Set of Bike Brake Repairing Tools